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We are New Hope Bethesda, a Christian organization focussing its activities on the spreading of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus-Christ among the nations as  He required to each church  through  Matthew 28:19-20 and on the prevention against the HIV/AIDS and elimination of all kind of discrimination of the persons living with HIV/AIDS through a biblical perspective.

Having all for evangelism and health,New Hope Bethesda(NHB,is a non for –profit organization registered by the gouvernement of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRCongo),country wich is its area of operation.



Making disciples by planting churches is the whole ministry vision.Since its foundation in 1997 NHB has made hundreds of disciples and planted thousands of churches after several trainings ,teachings,coachings and preachings in both the Nord-kivu and South-kivu provinces of DRCongo and in Kinshasa city.

NHB has launched a church planting movement in 2002 and is networking with various churches,ministries and leaders in Africa and the whole world.

Caring for the spiritual training of the leaders of the great-lakes region,NHB is praying to open a Christian university to strengthen their theological capacity.


The AIDS orphans,street children and other vulnerable children are framed by NHB in both the cities of Goma and Bukavu. To help them with food,medical supply and education is our concern. NHB is seeking to participate to the vaccination of the rural children against polio and to the distribution of the mosquito nets saturated with insecticide in the DRCongo.

We are planning a strategy for this event.
NHB has already established 2children ministries,1 in the town of Goma taking care of almost 460 children and 1 in Bukavu town taking care of 350 children.
NHB has an on going program to help AIDS orphans in rural areas for which it seeks support.


To fight against the AIDS pandemic is one of the principal purposes of NHB.The HIV positives,AIDS orphans,pregnant women and raped women are our principal targets for our HIV/AIDS MINISTRY. New Hope Bethesda has launched a strategic plan for HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is indeed implementing it. We are seeking support for the New Hope Bethesda villages HIV/AIDS prevention in Eastern DRC Program. This program seeks to help AIDS orphans in rural areas of both the North and South-kivu provinces as well as to prevent the spreading of the AIDS virus in the DRCongo and its neighbouring countries.

Since its establishment, NHB has taken care of 135 AIDS orphans around the North and South-kivu provinces,360 persons living with HIV/AIDS and 125 raped women in the rural areas.
To prevent  effectively the HIV/AIDS within its area of operation,that is the Democratic republic of Congo,NHB is cooperating with various local and international health organizations, and other health structures.

To plant churches by making the disciples of Jesus-Christ, fighting against the HIV/AIDS pandemic through a christian perspective is the vision of NHB,the mission being to spread the Gospel of Jesus–Christ by taking care of vulnerable children and other deprived people within the DRCongo.

You can directly contact us to the following addresses:

Tel: +243 853428541  Goma /DRC Coordinator.

Tel:+243 994157049 Goma/DRC
Programs overseer.

Tel :+243 992045917 Goma/DRCongo
Public relations director

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